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L&A Babysitting Inc.

L&A Babysitting Inc.

Child Care

About Us

L&A Babysitting was established by Liz Toro and Alyssa Molina. Each sitter on our team is a valuable and is a carefully selected asset to our team. Each sitter has years of experience and engages with the children they work with.
We are located on Nassau County, Long Island.
L&A Babysitting is the modern day babysitting club but more professional. We provide childcare to over 500 families across Nassau County. We are a close team of about 60 babysitters who have years of experience, our own transportation, and love to babysit.
When you need a babysitter, you would text our number and we would assign one of our team members. Babysitters come 15-20 minutes earlier no extra charge on their first time babysitting for you, this way you can formally meet them and get comfortable with them before you leave. On our Facebook page (L&A Babysitting), as you scroll down... you can see pictures of each member on our team along with their biography. We try our best to keep it consistent with who babysits for you. But we have our system in the case the original assigned babysitter gets sick or an emergency comes up, you’ll be sent a replacement and you won’t be inconvenienced.
You would always text our number directly (not any of our sitters you met) if you need a babysitter because Liz and Alyssa need to coordinate and run everything efficiently, but you’re more than welcome to request your favorite babysitter or babysitters!

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